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WhatsApp is one of the most used social networking messaging applications. Originally designed for instant communication between friends and family, it often leads to cyberbullying attacks, communication with online predators, and identity theft.

It is important for parents to monitor children’s online activities and use the Internet sparingly for safety reasons. AddSpy lets you know who you’re messaging, who your child is talking to, and what images are being sent and received on WhatsApp.

Why You Need A WhatsApp Tracking Application

Well! The popularity of social media messaging apps has spread among people, but over the years, social media apps have put young children and even employers in real danger by allowing their use on proprietary devices. Such as mobile phones, devices, and PCs like Windows and MacBook.

Therefore, young children and teens who have cell phones use them throughout the day and are often intimidated and intimidated by cyberbullying. Hence, parents feel very insecure about the safety of kids and teens and want to know who kids and teens talk to on Android devices with WhatsApp.

However, employers want to track employees’ WhatsApp IM activities using company-owned tools to avoid dealing with employees or engaging in any suspicious activity.

Do you remember BBM (BlackBerry Messenger)? In the past, it was the go-to app for BlackBerry users to stay connected. Then the iPhone came out and it revolutionized the smartphone. But the only thing that iPhone users were missing was BBM. 

Then WhatsApp came and changed everything. This provides smartphone users a BBM-like experience that worked on any platform. Send messages to any number on any phone and know when they’ve been read, all without resorting to text messages that were prohibitive for some.

Today, over a billion users turn to WhatsApp to stay in touch. And they don’t just send text messages. They also send pictures and video messages. In fact, WhatsApp is most well-liked over SMS in several countries around the world.

But with the popularity of WhatsApp came a big problem. People found that WhatsApp chats were more private than SMS. And today’s kids use WhatsApp for conversation, in some cases, they shouldn’t.

That’s where a WhatsApp tracker comes in. This allows you to see what your kids are saying and to whom they are saying it. And if you are a business owner, you will get the perfect WhatsApp trace to ensure that your employees are not leaking sensitive company information.

How To monitor Whatsapp Application

All you need is the WhatsApp Monitoring App and the Addspy Mobile Monitoring App which will allow you to monitor the target mobile device and install WhatsApp Messenger. So, you would like to take the Addspy mobile app to understand the OS of the target device, as an example Android. If the user has Android Monitoring App compatibility, subscribe and you will receive an email containing credentials such as passcode and ID.

In addition, install the cell phone monitoring application on the target cell phone that it has access to, and after the user has successfully installed it, activate it on the phone. Also, users have to select an option before activation. 

Either they want to monitor on WhatsApp application or not. Select the most effective choice and activate it on the target mobile. Now use the log-in like Password and ID and access the online control panel of Addspy Mobile Monitoring App.


AddSpy is an Android monitoring app specially designed for parents and employers. AddSpy Monitoring app helps them to track the activities of their employees or children in real-time. With the AddSpy application, you can control many functions, for example completely hidden.

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