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Fiverr GIG image size for High SEO Best 2021

Fiverr gig image size

Fiverr gig image size

Fiverr GIG image is a great website for many people around the world who make money through freelance jobs. Many people also use this site to purchase various services. There is a lot of information that should be included in a picture that is included for the Fiverr gig image size and the Fiverr site. This article is based on such information.

We previously published an article about the Fiverr website and how to make money from it and read that article using the link below.

Online earning without skills from Fiverr Website

This article describes how to create a successful image for a Fiverr GIG. You can also find out more about the Fiverr GIG image by reading the full article.

This article also describes the SEO settings of an embedded image for a Fiverr GIG and how to attract users.

Why important Fiverr GIG image?

Why important Fiverr GIG image? The following information is important to you when considering.

Before a person chooses a freelancer, the portfolio of the freelancer is monitored.

Search Researches tracks images that appear when searching on Fiverr.

It is important to consider these factors and create a very good image.

The following is a list of results that can be found when searching for a logo design on the Fiverr website.

Fiverr gig image size

Take a closer look at the various profiles mentioned above. In it, you will find sins that have various tactics used to attract people.

Before a person looks at gig information, he looks at the images in it. For that reason, it is very important to make a gig that attracts people.

To do this, add the following points to your gig.



Fiverr is a website that is visited by many people. And there are many people who come to buy gigs. They have different thoughts. We should try to create a gig image that fits all of that.

Look for the gig you want to sell on the Fiverr website. Choose the ones that sell the most gigs. Understand the tactics used for those images.

Finally, create moderately simple images that fit everyone’s requests.


Pleasure that

Create great images with matching shapes and colours. It is important to have it in a way that is pleasing.


Attractive colours

Make the colour match the right way. Also, apply colour shifts between objects correctly. Use eye-catching colours.



You have the ability to use images to give the user some insight into your gig. Enter important information about your gig on the images. Or it’s important to include pictures that give a proper understanding of the gig. It is also important to include curiosity in those pictures.


What is the Fiverr GIG image size?

What is the Fiverr GIG image size?

The minimum size of a Fiverr gig photo should be 550X370 pixels. This means that the width should be 550 pixels and the height should be 370 pixels. The maximum image size can be up to 5 MB.

And the important thing here is not to make fake rubies. Adding fake images will not only cause the buyer to miss you, but you will also get a copyright strike.

It is possible to create an original image using professional software such as Photoshop. Or you can create a high-quality image for free from a website like Canva. And there you will find thousands of gig templates. You can also edit them as you wish.


What is the Fiverr GIG image Format?

When you select a Fiverr GIG image, select only JPEG, JPG or PNG formats.


How to set Fiverr gig image SEO?

We add meta details to the image to add an image to the search engine. Search engines such as Google store image information on that information.

There is a lot of software and websites to include metadata in an image. There is also the ability to do it online and there is also a small amount of software designed specifically for this purpose.

You can find out all of the above by browsing the internet. And there are simpler ways to do it.

In this post, I will explain how to insert metadata in an image using Photoshop software.


How do I add metadata to an image?

How do I add metadata to an image?

Here’s how to add metadata to an image using Photoshop.

To do this you have the ability to use any version of Photoshop software developed by Adobe.

First, open the Adobe Photoshop software on your computer screen.

1. Click on File -> Open or Ctrl + O button and open the desired image. It then appears as follows.


2. Then click on File – File Info in the window that appears. Alternatively, press the short key Alt + Shift + Ctrl + I.

Fiverr GIG image size

After clicking, a window will appear as shown below. Fill in all the required information there.


Fiverr GIG image size

After entering the required information in the forum that appears, click the OK button. Now save it in the format you want.



The image you enter as well as your activities are important to the Fiverr website. Delivery and delivery on time will increase the likelihood of your gig coming forward depending on the feedback you receive.

More important than all of this is your experience and ability to complete the work you undertake. Strive to become an expert in the subject you are pursuing.

You can also make money with the Fiverr Affiliate program on Fiverr. Also, anyone who does not have an ad can earn money from this website and the related articles are given below.

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And accept only the work that you can do.

Good luck!



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