Earn free bitcoin without investment 2021

Earn free bitcoin
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Free bitcoin without investment

This blog post is about a way to earn free bitcoin or cryptocurrency online.

The name of the website I am going to introduce is stormgain. We are preparing to register and earn money.

Before we earn bitcoin, let’s get a little more knowledge about bitcoin.


Most people know about cryptocurrency. Or at least you know what it is. But most people don’t know what “Crypto Mining” is.

This article is about Crypto Mining and how to make money from it. So we will discuss our topic from here on out.

There are currently several cryptocurrency currencies around the world. Like all of them, the opposite method is essentially equivalent.

There are some minor differences one by one. Therefore, I will describe how Bitcoin Mine, the most popular and valuable crypto unit in the world, is different. Then you can get an idea of how the other things happen.

This is like making gold. There is gold on the ground. It’s hard to dig it out and clean it up.
There is gold on the earth and there is bitcoin in the Bitcoin protocol. Mining bitcoin using the protocol is called mining.

(The Bitcoin protocol can support a maximum of 21 million Bitcoins.)

What is a Bitcoin Blockchain?

Blockchain is a very unique technology. Blockchain is the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto. (He created Bitcoin. We still do not know who it is. The lowest currency in Bitcoin is called Satoshi.)

How does blockchain work?

Imagine you have a ledger. You give a few people a 100% accurate copy of it.
They copy it for a few more people. To make sure these copies are accurate, they compare their own copies with others. If there is a problem, the data in 51% of the total copies will be considered as correct data and the data in the other copies will be corrected.

Imagine that a huge database was thus distributed to the blockchain system in the millions.
Then imagine that someone deliberately distorted the database.

Then it gets caught quickly. This is because all these databases are interconnected and the data is always checked for accuracy. Therefore, a database in a blockchain cannot be distorted. (But if an individual controls more than 51% of these databases, he can change it. We call this 51% Attack)

This means that blockchain is some things that nobody else owns. Something that’s not controlled by a private. Scattered.
A bitcoin blockchain is a blockchain in a data structure that contains data such as bitcoin transactions and protocols. For this reason, Bitcoin is not something that is controlled by anyone.

There is something called “Nodes” within the Bitcoin network. These are normal computers. This is the Bitcoin Ledger. These are part of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Anyone can be a bitcoin node. All you need to download the Bitcoin software is 145GB of free space. (You need a network connection to download this. Not much data goes on after that). (145GB is the Bitcoin structure/ledger)

When one creates a node like this, that node makes a connection with several other nodes. Connected to that blockchain. Now this date cannot be changed at will. As soon as a change is made, the other nodes correct the error.

In Bitcoin, this ledger is a blockchain. (Like a table)
Some of these nodes are mining nodes. Maine does mine Bitcoin.
Then how about mine?

Simply put, the numerical answer to a true mathematical problem within the Bitcoin protocol is calculated employing a computer’s CPU, GPU. Like Lacey?
Oh no. This is very complicated.

This value should be between 0 and 4,294,967,296 when set to a block and gold inside a hash function. (This range is for Bitcoin. Others have a different range)
This value is searched by random values. Guessing the value that comes out of the hash is an impossible task. That is why he is looking for value by random looking. First, we give the exact number of points in the protocol that starts with Maine.

Several miners attempt to block an equivalent block at an equivalent time. Then the first person to find this value immediately tells the blockchain that he has found the value. Then the other miners leave that block and start the next one. The person who finds that value gets a certain amount of Bitcoin.

These drops change over time. Then it’ll be difficult to unravel this problem. That’s why Bitcoin is becoming increasingly difficult to mine.

Also, the quantity of bitcoin given to the one that solves a block decreases from time to time. A lot named in front. Now you only get 12.5 bitcoins. At another time it will be 6.25.
The reason for this is that it will stop filling all the complete Bitcoin blocks very quickly. Because of this, the Bitcoin chain will be full only in 2140!

But over time, this mining has become harder, and therefore the average computer has not been ready to mine Bitcoin. Now to mine Bitcoin you need huge processing power. This will become more difficult in the future.

Then the average user will not be able to use the bitcoin to cover the electricity bill and the cost of the device. Then you have to mine from the pool.

A pool is a network of thousands of computers. Share blocks with these


Earn free bitcoin

First, visit the relevant website below. You will receive 3 USDTs free of charge when you register through this link. So register using the link below.

Register Link

Click on the link above and a website like below will appear.

Earn free bitcoin without investment

Now click on the Get Started button in the top right corner. You will then get a window to register. The window is as follows.


Earn free bitcoin without investment 2021
Earn free bitcoin without investment 2021


Fill in all the fields on the registration page and send. Alternatively, you can register using your Apple or Google Account.

It is possible to register this way on the StormGain website. You will then receive your confirmation email. Verify your account by clicking on the link here.

Log in to your StormGain account now. It then redirects you to the following web page.

StormGain Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
StormGain Cryptocurrency Trading Platform- Earn free bitcoin without investment

The above window is required to trade the cryptocurrency we have earned. Therefore, we hope to present a full description of this window on this website in the future.

Our registration process is now complete. Now we need to find cryptocurrency. To do this, click on the Miner button in the top menu bar of the window where you are currently logged in.

stormgain Miner


Now in this newly emerged window, there is a button called “Active”. The window looks like the following. Now click on the Activate button.

This button must be activated every four hours. Then a certain amount of cryptocurrency will be added to your account.


Earn free bitcoin without investment 2021


What is happening now?

I have mentioned above how to produce cryptocurrency in this blog post. Bitcoin production starts after you click the activate button.

Thus we need to activate the activate button every 4 hours.

Now let us learn a little about what is in that window.

StormGain window
Earn free bitcoin without investment 2021


1 = USDT Balance

When you click on the Active button mentioned above, a certain amount of cryptocurrency will be credited to your account. They show up at this point.


2 = Withdraw Button

When the total amount of cryptocurrencies you have earned by clicking the activate button is USDT 10 or higher, it is possible to get it back into your account. This is the button that needs to be clicked.


3 = Active Miner

You will receive a bonus when you earn for the first 100 hours after you visit this site. Its details are mentioned in this column. After that 100 hours, this column is removed.


4 = Expire Indicator

The 100 hours you get are referred to here as countdown time.


5 = Remaining Time

Here is the time to activate the button and then the next one to count down.


6 = Referral Link

Copy this link and send it to your friends. If this passenger registers, that person will receive a bonus of USDT3. And when he withdraws from the Mind Fund, you get a commission of 17 out of it.



Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links that may provide me with a small commission at no cost to you. However, I have vetted every program in this guide and believe they are the best for generating affiliate revenue. You can read our full affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.


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