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Ambuluwawa tower

Ambuluwawa is located in the Gamipola Udapalatha Divisional Secretariat Division in the Kandy District of the Central Province of Sri Lanka. There are many beautiful places in the world that are naturally created. It is not uncommon for rulers from time to time to change the landscape by adding new designs to the tourist attraction.

The Ambuluwawa mountain we are talking about today is another beautiful tourist destination modified by the rulers. Three districts of Ambuluwawa Kanda, which separates the Kegalle District and the Kandy District from the Gamipola area, are naturally formed of a single black rock. From there only the slope towards Hemimatagama is covered with natural forest.

The Ambuluwawa access road is built on the left hand side after the third kilometer of the Gamipola-Hemimathagama road. From there it is possible to reach the top of Ambuluwawa Hill after crossing the mountainous road for three kilometers.

Gampola was the fourth kingdom in the history of Sri Lanka. It is said that four kings ruled in the Gampola kingdom. Historians have pointed out that the royal palace of those kings was located in the village now known as Godagama at the foot of the Amibuluwawa hill. Thus, it is believed that Ambuluwawa Kanda Gamipola was used as a security post in the kingdom at that time.

However, after the British invasion of the upcountry in 1815, all the antiquities of the Gamipola Kingdom were destroyed and lands were used for coffee cultivation. Although three-quarters of Mount Ambuluwawa was made of rock, it was not affected by the English.


Construction of settlements


By the end of English rule, most of the land at the foot of Ambuluwawa Hill was occupied by only two or three people. The lands which were enjoyed till 1970 were taken over by the then government and distributed to the landless people and they settled there. Since then, attention has been focused on developing Ambuluwawa Kanda as a tourist attraction.

Development of Ambuluwawa Kanda

In 1997, DM Jayaratne, the then Minister of Agriculture, Lands and Forests, climbed Mount Ambuluwawa with several other youths from the area to plan an access road. DM Jayaratne climbed Ambuluwawa Hill on March 21, 1997 and started construction of Ambuluwawa Access Road on March 27, 1997. Ten years later, DM Jayaratne was able to draw the world’s attention to Amibuluwa.

Climbing Ambuluwawa mountain

From the moment you enter Mount Ambuluwawa today, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy about 65 unique creations, enjoy fun, spiritual healing as well as develop knowledge. Built on an area of ​​457 acres, the concept, design, technical knowledge as well as engineering work of all these creations are the specialty of DM Jayaratne.


Designs built here

Agrarian Stupa (Agrarian Stupa)

The Ambuluwawa mountain range is designed for spiritual healing. DM Jayaratne has stated that the 223 feet high Agrarian Stupa has been constructed as a tribute to the farmers of this country. The first part of the dagoba is a paddy field.

DM Jayaratne said that it symbolizes the paddy farmers and the second part of the dagoba is made in the shape of a water hyacinth to symbolize the vegetable farmers. The third part of the dagoba is designed in the shape of a cacao nut to symbolize the local fruit growers.

The sacred relics are placed in the fourth part of the dagoba and the coffin is placed on top of it. The Bo tree in front of the Chaitya is a sapling obtained from the Sri Maha Bodhi tree in Anuradhapura.

On the right side between the Bodhi and the Chaitya are the Catholic, Hindu, and Islamic religious centers.

To the left is the Star House, a facility for school children as well as university students to observe the night sky. The Sri Padasthana is created just beyond the Chaitya.

Nearby is an observation deck where you can observe the surrounding mountains.

There is a standing stone statue carved near the Ambuluwawa Sri Maha Bodhi and the lower part of the building where the statue is placed has been prepared for the meditators.

A tunnel has also been constructed under all these constructions.

Below all this, there is a statue of Samadhi Buddha surrounded by beautiful temples.

The nearby auditorium can seat up to a thousand people at a time.

Nearby is the library building. The Saman Deva statue, the Vishnu Deva statue as well as many creations built in accordance with the beliefs of the people can be seen in Ambuluwawa.

Ambuluwawa is also home to a children’s playground, a helicopter yard, a tourist resort, beautiful anicuts, farm shelters, and wildlife.


Among the best mountains developed for tourists in the world

In 2007, Mount Ambuluwawa was named one of the best tourist mountains in the world by the United Nations. The four-storey building at Ambuluwawa, which is suitable for international and local conferences, has also attracted the attention of many tourists. The top floor of the 17-room building resembles an auditorium.

There is a temple, a kovil, a Catholic church and a mosque here that can attract devotees of all faiths to this tower. Anyone who climbs this can see the city of Gampola on a foggy day.

You can also use your own vehicle to get to this place. You can also take an online bus.

If traveling by train, you can get off at Gampola Railway Station and take a three-wheeler from there.

You have to buy a ticket at the entrance to Ambuluwa. At present it costs around Rs.100 per person. It is open for 7 days so tourists can visit this place any day.


You too can experience its beauty

The attractive city of Kandy attracts a large number of local and foreign tourists. That is to visit the following places. There are many places to visit in Kandy, including the famous Nuwara Wewa (Bogambara Wewa), the Temple of the Tooth and the Nelligala Shrine.

Ambuluwal is a must visit place in Gampola, a small town close to Kandy. At the top, you can see Pidurutalagala on the east, Batalagela (Bible Rock) on the west, Sri Pada on the south and Knuckles Range on the north.



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