10 Best Job Opportunities for 18-year-Old

Job Opportunities
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Job Opportunities

What jobs are suitable for an 18 years old? This is a very connecting question for someone who turns 18 and is looking for job opportunities to earn and start a journey of being independent. There are several jobs present full-time as well as part-time to begin a career with. One more thing to consider is that if you are 18 years old, that doesn’t restrict you from getting an excellent job with a good salary. With the right knowledge, skill, and discipline, you can earn well even at the tender age of 18. 

Below mentioned are some jobs which can be very supportive for 18 years old in their job search-

Delivery Driver

 The main job of delivery drivers is to transport food packages and other items to different destinations. They have to review orders, make loading and unloading of trucks, plan delivery routes, record drop-offs, accept payment from customers, and update their delivery log to produce accurate reports. There are few options available for delivery drivers. They can either drive their car or operate a company vehicle. For youngsters who have driving skills and better knowledge of the area, it is the right platform for them.

Assistant Store Manager

Assistant store managers assist retail managers with daily and regular operations at their store. They are often key holders, which means they are responsible for opening the store each day and then securely closing at night. 

Assistant store managers also provide employee supervision, look after stock shipments and orders, assist customers, help manage employee schedules and roasters. They also ensure the store is tidy and organized with attractive displays. 

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives directly deal with customers to solve problems and provide them with proper assistance. They have multiple responsibilities depending on the type of company they work for. They can place orders, process refunds, respond to complaints and explain how to use a product or service. Customer service representatives need to remain calm under pressure and communicate clearly over the phone, in person, and over email. This job requires a high patience level.

Data Clerks

 The main task of data clerks is to update databases with information by carefully entering customer information and other data. They have to proofread their entries, create reports and spreadsheets, organize paperwork, verify contact information and digitize paper records. 

The main requirement with data clerks is to be able to type quickly, interpret information and handle other office duties like scanning and printing documents.

Administrative Assistant 

 They are mainly responsible for managing office tasks. Administrative assistants are in charge of coordinating daily tasks for an office to assist other employees and improve overall efficiency. 

They do direct phone calls, organize files, make and confirm appointments, send memos, stock supplies, schedule meetings, greet visitors, and help them with their requirements. One main duty associated with administrative assistants is to perform key bookkeeping duties like recording expenses and submitting purchase orders.


Tutors help students of different standards to learn various concepts in one-on-one or group settings. They help students set academic goals and create study plans for achieving them. They can review homework with students, explain new topics and help study for tests. 

They are a guide for students who assist them with their studies. They also have to help students with test-taking strategies, time management, and organization. They keep track of study plans for their students. 


CareTakers help clients with their day-to-day activities either in their homes or at a care facility. They help people of any age with primary personal duties like bathing, going to the bathroom, getting dressed, and taking medication. They are often involved in housekeeping, shopping for groceries, scheduling appointments, and arranging transportation for their clients. 

They are friends to their clients and support them with companionship and social connection by talking with them, playing games, and doing other activities together.


Lifeguards are responsible for the safety of their clients and make sure that guests at a pool, water park, or other body of water are safe. They look after an assigned area and remind swimmers to follow safety regulations. They rescue struggling swimmers from the water when necessary. 

Lifeguards can teach swim camps and organize other activities, depending on where they work and what task they have been given. Lifeguards also assess weather conditions and decide if it becomes unsafe for people to swim or perform other activities or not.

Picker Packer

Picker Packers are involved in selecting appropriate items in a warehouse and preparing them for shipment. On a fundamental level, the daily tasks assigned to pickers/packers also include moving and sorting goods and materials, helping to complete shipments, process and load orders.

Cab Driver/ Taxi Driver

A taxi driver’s job is to pick up passengers from a location and help them to reach their destination safely, and keep timing on record. Taxis or cabs are a vital part of any transport system in the world. Many people are dependent on cab and taxi facilities for their day-to-day commutation.


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